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Trending Right: An Update on Javier Milei’s Economic Reset of Argentina

In his run up to the presidency, Javier Milei campaigned on radical ideas to transform Argentina from a government-dependent market economy that was facing collapse with unsustainable inflation, massive debt and poverty levels of around forty percent. Milei, a...

Top 5 Risk Management Lessons We Learned in 2023

Given the dynamic intersection of technology, finance, and regulatory landscapes, 2023 unfolded as a pivotal chapter in the financial world.

The Fintech Revolution in Central America: Opportunities and Challenges

The world of finance is experiencing a transformative shift, thanks to the rise of financial technology, or fintech. Central America, in particular, is witnessing significant changes in the financial landscape as it embraces fintech innovation. In this article, we...

International Banking Entities in Puerto Rico: Adapting to the Changing Compliance Landscape

In the wake of recent events that led to the exit of several banking entities in Puerto Rico, international banking entities find themselves at a pivotal moment, navigating the intricate and ever-evolving landscape of enhanced compliance and capital requirements.



Understanding Florida House Bill 3 and its impact on Florida Banks

Understanding Florida House Bill 3 and its impact on Florida Banks

It has always been a common practice for financial institutions’ regulatory compliance policy manuals to contain a section titled ‘Prohibited Customers.’ These sections listed what were considered by the bank to be unwanted customer types, such as casinos,...

Dissecting Florida’s new SB 264 Law

Dissecting Florida’s new SB 264 Law

Recently, Florida’s Republican-led state legislature has been very active in pushing through laws that will reshape how financial institutions do...

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